Meditation as a Creative Business Tool

Meditation can be a great creative business tool. If you have always thought of meditation as a “woo woo” thing promoted by ditsy new age spiritualists with healing crystals and aura lenses, it’s time to reevaluate the idea of meditation.

Putting woo woo aside, one of the goals of meditation is to suppress conscious thought and let subconscious thought do its job. If you believe the in the value of “trusting your gut,” it’s probably because your subconscious does a lot more computation in the background, and it really knows the right answers. It’s just that sometimes the noise of our conscious thoughts drown out the wisdom of the subconscious. In other words, quieting the conscious mind makes meditation a powerful business tool.

How to Employ Mediation

An example of utilizing meditation is how we at Epiphany Imagery come up with ideas for images.

It starts by getting to the heart and soul of the value of your product or service. What are the deep, fundamental reasons people will want what you offer? We study your products and the aforementioned deep values. The next time we meditate, those thoughts are being “cooked” in the subconscious. Meditation quiets the conscious mind and makes it more open to listening to the subconscious, which sometimes offers ideas and sometimes even images. From there, the best images are conjured in the imagination and eventually set into pixels.